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Wednesday, 27 January 2016


The past is where you learned the lesson. The future is where you apply the lesson. DON’T GIVE UP IN THE MIDDLE. @ Positivity Toolbox

Human memory, they say, is very short but it is amazing how people hold on to the past and let it prevent them from accomplishing much in life. It is easy for people to understand that they cannot drive while looking permanently at the rear view mirror or walk forward while trying to look backwards constantly but when it comes to applying this same principle to living, they find it difficult to understand. We cannot continue to hold on to prejudices stemming from a troubled past in our societies and expect to come to our full potential. The past should furnish us with lessons to accomplish our dreams not excuses that will stop us from achieving our vision. Enjoy your day!

Le passé est où vous avez appris la leçon. L'avenir est là que vous appliquez la leçon. NE QUITTEZ PAS AU MILIEU. @ Positivity Toolbox

La mémoire humaine, dit-on, est très court mais il est incroyable de voir comment les gens tiennent au passé et comment ils se laissent empêcher de accomplir beaucoup dans la vie en raison du passé. Il est facile pour les gens de comprendre qu'ils ne peuvent pas conduire tout en regardant en permanence au rétroviseur ou de marcher vers l'avant tout en essayant de regarder en arrière en permanence, mais quand il s'agit d'appliquer ce même principe à la vie, ils le trouvent difficile à comprendre. Nous ne pouvons pas continuer à s'accrocher aux préjugés découlant d'un passé trouble dans nos sociétés et nous attendons d'arriver à notre plein potentiel. Le passé doit nous fournir des leçons pour accomplir nos rêves pas des excuses qui nous empêcher d'atteindre notre vision. Profitez de votre journée!

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  1. May I clarify a matter from this post without dismissing the underlying message which is most positive.
    We must remember our human history and we are required to remember our lessons that we have be taught in the past so that we become wiser which is reflected in our application of this wisdom in the future decisions that we make.
    It is vital not to hold onto anger about the past as anger is one letter away from danger. The danger is that this will retard our progress forward and we may become bitter and negative.
    So I believe that we must remember the past as this is history, living in the moment which is the present and a gift from God, and tomorrow is the mystery that we can apply our wisdom from our lessons learned.
    I liked the use of driving as an example Justina and a most positive and inspiring message.