Friday, 29 May 2015


We are Joseph’s Place, a mentoring and coaching youth agency set up to create a unique and suitable environment for personal, citizenship and leadership development with a mandate to work with youth leadership and raise a generation of Nigerians to take the nation to the next level. We work towards raising a generation of resourceful, effective, efficient, excellent, highly productive and community responsible aspiring young professionals within Nigeria and all over Africa.
Mrs Justina Edoghogho Kes- Agbosa, Founder and Life coach at Joseph's Place, is a trained teacher who worked in all the levels of the educational system before voluntarily retiring as a lecturer to start a youth coaching and mentoring organisation. As founder and Chief life Coach of Joseph's Place Nigeria, she works with youth leadership where it is found in schools, communities, organisations

Described as a strikingly different, passionate and driven Mentor, Mrs Kes- Agbosa is a Christian, Youth Mentor and Life Coach, a gifted Speaker and Facilitator, as well as a very versatile Trainer and Language Expert, who uses contemporary communications skills, excellently combined with her life experiences and professional interactions to provide solutions to the African community. With the dimension of Nigeria's growth potentials and youth groups, Justina's strong opinions, dynamic approach mechanism and endearing motherly kindness and sincerity, makes her a strong voice that connects strongly with her listeners, resonating deeply with their situations and the imminent changes required.
Her New Book ‘DREAM. ACT. LEAD’ is one that proves there is nothing like experience, and Justina Kes-Agbosa’s years of working with Nigerian youth gives her an uncommonly clear understanding of the disturbing problems that afflict our young - the generation to whom we must bequeath the future of our country. Even more encouraging is that she also provides compelling solutions to reverse the trend.there is the tendency for us to look outward for blames rather than be introspective about the problems that confront our society. That culture has for many years seen us deflect our complicity in the institution of these problems rather than taking personal responsibility, and now the vast majority of our youth follow in our footsteps.

It is a humongous problem that this book seeks bravely to tackle and hopefully reverse. Going against populist opinion the writer brilliantly brings to our consciousness our role as citizens in the healing of our country. She makes us see why we need to be the change we desire, why our little contributions matter and why we must put the greater good at the fore of our actions..

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