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Monday, 7 April 2014


There is this age long argument about the power of a name; I think all I can say about it is that what you hear constantly begins to affect you, e.g a name.  The only way it will not make a difference is when you do not know the meaning of the name you answer, so for you it is just a means of identification. Be that as it may, my interest here are names which are given to you, not by family but by society, based on something you have no control over. For example, people are labeled by race, physical appearance or some form of deformity, economic or social class etc  When these labels are allowed to go on for a long time, they become a form of stigma and because those affected hear these names always, there is the tendency that this label begins to define them. As easy as it is to say we should not allow these names to define us, it is sometimes a huge mountain to move in order for you to achieve your maximum in life. However, we will like to reecho it here that, we must try to detach ourselves from such labels mentally to the point that they bounce off us anytime we hear them. It is a conscious effort we have to make if we have the desire to maximize our potentials.

Il ya cette  discussion très âgé sur le pouvoir d'un nom ; Je pense que tout ce que je peux dire , c'est que ce que vous entendez constamment commence à vous affecter , par exemple un nom . La seule façon qu'il ne fera pas une différence , c'est quand vous ne connaissez pas la signification du nom que vous portez, si pour vous, il est juste un moyen d'identification. Quoi qu'il en soit, mon intérêt ici sont des noms qui vous sont donnés , non pas par la famille, mais par la société , sur la base de quelque chose sur quoi vous n'avez aucun contrôle. Par exemple , les gens sont marqués par la race , l'apparence physique ou une certaine forme de déformation ,  la classe économique ou sociale, etc Lorsque ces étiquettes sont autorisés pendant une longue période , ils deviennent une forme de stigmatisation et que les personnes touchées entendent ces noms toujours , il existe la tendance que présente étiquette commence à les définir. Aussi facile que cela est de dire que nous ne devons pas permettre à ces noms à nous définir , il est parfois une énorme montagne à déplacer afin que vous puissiez atteindre le maximum dans la vie . Cependant, nous tenons à retentir ici que nous devons essayer de nous détacher de ces étiquettes mentalement au point qu'ils rebondissent sur nous chaque fois que nous les entendons . Il s'agit d'un effort conscient que nous devons faire si nous avons la volonté de maximiser notre potentiel .

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  1. Greetings:

    "Others estimation of me is not as important as my estimation of myself, I am who I say I am. I say when, where ,and how." Dr. Dianne Barber

    Hello my name is Dr. Dianne Barber CPC, ELI-MP. I am from humble beginnings, growing up in USA a disadvantaged African-American. poor. Early in life I was taught to reject labels, because of that I have become a trail blazer charting my own path, dancing to the beat of a different drummer, cut from a different cloth.

    I was taught by mother a stay at home wife and mother who shaped innocent minds and eager souls. With only a primary education she taught her seven
    children to read before entering school and kept us close to her aprons. We have all finished college many with PH.D's. My mother taught us we can be anything we want to be and education is our future and accepted no nonsense or excuses. To this day six decades later I am still a life long learner.

    I have worked with my people in USA, now I am going back to my roots I want to leave a legacy for my African brothers and sisters. especially those who have no hope, no voice to speak on their behalf, or those who are vulnerable, homeless, or helpless, underdogs, disadvantaged and see no future, because their hope has fades their faith wanes, and their brite eyes have gone dim.

    I can definitely identify with poverty as I am one who grew up poor, as I rose above titles. Perceived shame- taking on shame- shame goes onto others who make people humiliated, shamed or lesser that who they truly are. I want my people to know that they matter, that come what may, they are somebody, and above all God Loves them and see their plight. God is our strength.

    Since I am not titles who am? Let me first say I have paid my dues, I have earned University titles and letters behind my name, but tiles will never define my character, my essence. I am merely a flesh and bones, a Sprit in a human body.
    I am a Proud African American, proud of my heritage my African Roots and I love my people. I think outside the box, others do not define or shape who I am. I am
    creative social free to me, flexible free spirited. I live an invented life full of endless possibilities.

    Jehovah God is my Creator, I am who he says I am. I am wonderfully made in his image. Everything God creates is perfect so I am perfect whole and complete, I don't need fixing I am not broke. My financial status do not define me nor does my dwellings.

    Everyday above the ground is a good day, a new beginning. As long as we have breath in our body. we can inspire and empower ourselves and others. We can make a difference, we can work to achieve new goals and take consistent actions to achieve them The question is not can we, but will we?

    No man is a island. It takes a village to raise a child. Teamwork is dream work, collaboration an synergy combined energy produces more results than can ever be achieves working alone. Unite, together we stand, divided we fall. We must look beyond cultural tribes and traditions to achieve true unity.Work together to make it happen.

    Labels are just conversations, whether negative or positive, at any given moment we have the ability to create empowering conversations and step into our God given authentic unique power. I want Africans to know that Dr. Barber someone from the USA truly care about them and their welfare. I AM making a difference in Africa. Together throughsynergy we can achieve more.

    Dr. Dianne Barber CPC,ELI-MP