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Friday, 8 July 2016


Most times, drivers are completely oblivious to highway codes; they would rather drive against traffic or drive in a non-existent lane and cause traffic hold-ups and delays. In fact, one begins to think that if things are not chaotic they are not normal. The thing that bothers me the most is that when a public transportation driver decides to do the right thing and stays on the right lane, the passengers would begin to insult and bully the driver until he/she gets off and does what is wrong to please the costumers. This also draws our attention to the fact that even leaders in law enforcement and government sometimes help to shape this behaviour.
We are at a point where those who do what is right are considered fools, where government is blamed for our personal responsibilities; cleaning our houses and offices.
 If we are ever to move from where we are to become a more developed nation, citizens would have to learn to take ownership and personal responsibility. In a situation where people don’t care about what is happening around them, things will deteriorate because life is dynamic, meaning things have to move; if they don’t move forward, they will move backwards.
Many citizens have taken it upon themselves to provide basic amenities – light and water- especially for themselves; we might as well go the whole hog until systems are put in place to have a better, more organized and developed nation.
Whatever is right and is in our power to do, we should fill in the gap until government gets its act together, probably when youths reading this book come into positions of leadership in government or the corporate world.
Citizens must move from being passive subjects that are always complaining about what government is doing or not doing to a place where they become engaged in active participation in nation building. Citizens have to become responsive to the happenings around them. 
Help us at Joseph's Place Nigeria to get this book into the hands of as many youths as possible by donating copies to youths in your community (schools, faith-based organisations, other youth groups) or to youths in your Alma mater or Alumni. Together we can change the perspective of the next generation. For more information on how you can collaborate with us contact us on +2348023454461 or or

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