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Monday, 4 July 2016


What we desire to do in this book is answer five questions that we believe will help the youths understand who they are and to show them that they have what it takes to move this country and continent to the next level. (1)What do I have to give? Everyone is an important brick needed to have a complete and beautiful nation, your vision is a necessary contribution to the development of society. (2)Why should I be interested in what is going on? We must realize that a good society is a collective responsibility of all its citizens. (3) Why should developing leadership qualities concern me? Every sphere of life needs a leader, not only in politics; and until we develop the leader in us, we can become clogs in the wheels of development.

(4) What if I do not get a job? The shift from what I would call “education for the stomach” to living a life of impact is absolutely necessary if we are going to have any meaningful development. (5) How do I prepare for relationships that will help me accomplish my life’s purpose? Many a life’s journey have been derailed or completely aborted by entering into relationships with the wrong people.
Help us at Joseph's Place Nigeria to get this book into the hands of as many youths as possible by donating copies to youths in your community (schools, faith-based organisations, other youth groups) or to youths in your Alma mater or Alumni. Together we can change the perspective of the next generation. For more information on how you can collaborate with us contact us on +2348023454461 or or

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