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Saturday, 9 July 2016


“Do not forget what is to be a sailor because of being a captain yourself” – Tanzanian proverb
“Without a leader, black ants are confused” – Ugandan proverb.
Whatever decision the LEADER finally comes to, he/she would have to take responsibility when the mother comes back.
The argument about whether leaders are born or made has been going on forever and both sides of the divide have their strong points. There are those who exhibit leadership traits without any formal training and excel in positions of authority, there are also those who have become good leaders after some form of formal training. In my opinion, it is important that everyone gets to be educated about leadership traits and attributes needed for making decisions that can affect others since at some point or another life thrusts leadership on us.
We concluded that before the leader makes the final decision, he/she must weigh all available options in a way that is beneficial to all. Leaders who consider only themselves before making a decision are selfish and this attribute is the greatest enemy of leadership.
What we were trying to achieve as we worked with these youngsters was not what was or was not the right decision to take; we were trying to establish the fact that we do not have to get a formal position of leadership before we need to understand the need to develop leadership qualities. The responses we got were quite satisfactory because the participants understood that leadership situations can pop up at any time and they must be mentally prepared to tackle them and in the event that they come into positions of authority, they would not be caught unawares.
(Excerpts from Chapter three)
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