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Thursday, 7 July 2016


We can’t throw up our hands and give up on the only nation that truly belongs to us. There is something I always try to make them understand and that is, no matter how we feel about our country, it is ours; whatever other country we are running to was built with the sweat of the citizens of that nation that decided to take ownership of their country. No matter how many foreigners they involved in the final actualization of their development, they had to take the initial responsibility.
This is not in any way making light of the enormity of the challenges that we face as citizens of this great nation. Be that as it may, are we going to give up and continue to abandon our homeland? What are we going to leave for future generations? It has become so bad that many private schools are opting for foreign syllabi/accent and trying to alienate the next generation from any affiliation to this nation; this is so sad but that is the reality on ground. This means that the next generation is being made to believe that this nation is beyond remedy. Parents are selling off family inheritance to make sure that their children go to where they believe the grass is greener, forgetting that the grass is actually greener where you water it!
Where do we go from here? Should we lay all the blame on governance or is there something that citizens can do?

(Excerpts from Chapter Two)
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