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Wednesday, 6 July 2016


Having spoken to over a thousand youths on this matter and armed with questionnaire answers to buttress this point, I feel that civic education is an area we need to pay serious attention to. It is a shame that the majority of the next generation are not driven by any interest in the development of this nation.
Chants of “change” are not enough to produce change no matter how long and how loud they are chanted. There cannot be any meaningful change if the youths are not educated in the ways of change.

Discussions with the youths, even the ones in secondary schools, always throw up the fearful fact that they are already walking in the crooked footsteps of the older generation. The sad truth is that these are the paths they see all around them but when you try to draw their attention to the thought that they are about to go on these same wrong tracks, you get blank stares. They cannot come to terms with the idea that it is possible to do things differently; this confusion arises because they see that what you are telling them is the truth.
(Excerpts from Chapter Two)
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