Friday, 4 March 2016


Have you ever reached a point in your life and just said "This cannot be happening" I believe that is where a lot of Nigerians are right now and unfortunately "This is happening" Everyday you search through a pile of rubbish news and just hope you can get something to hold unto but the more you search the more rotten things get. There are two ways to react to all this; be discouraged and give up or decide to hold on and look for something you can do turn thing around. "Never! Not my cup of tea!" most will say and that is how we got here.
Decay does not start with the whole, it starts with a portion and if it is unchecked, the whole will be affected. "This is happening" and it is a free fall right now but let us not allow it to reach rock bottom. We can stop the rot before it eats the next generation. Let us reach them and stop the decay before it swallows them up. Let us educate them and help them see life differently.

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