Friday, 11 September 2015


I have always loved the story of Winston Churchill and Fleming. Once upon a time, this poor farmer was off to his farms when he came across a drowning boy. Swiftly he jumped in and saved his life. Days later; the farmer had an unfamiliar visitor. This wealthy noble had come to thank the farmer for saving his son’s life. While the noble talked to the farmer, he noticed a boy feeding the hens.

“Is that your son?” the noble asked.

“Yes sir, that is my son,” the farmer replied.

“A boy like that should be in school.” the noble said.

So the noble decided he was going to send the farmer’s boy to school alongside his own son. Years passed and the two boys became great men who left their names in history. Winston Churchill the noble’s son became prime minister. Years into his Adult life, he fell very ill and was dying. It was then his friend Alexander Fleming (the farmer’s son educated by Winston Churchill’s Dad) discovered the miracle pill(penicillin) which saved Churchill’s life. Alexander Fleming left his name in the books of time.

Life is like a machine. It keeps recycling the things we do. If we put evil into it, it will be recycled and multiplied. If we put good in it, it will be recycled and multiply. All we do in this world sets up a chain of events we sometimes do not realize. The abused child, who abuses and grows a kid who later abuses other kids. There is a cycle of good which can be interrupted by evil and there is a cycle of evil which can be interrupted by good.

As we live our lives, we should be conscious of the chain of events our actions will create. If you are a victim caught up in a cycle of evil, you have the power to break that cycle by doing the reverse. Do not recycle evil. Sometimes we have to let go and forgive whatever wrong was done to us so that evil is not recycled. Be a contributor to the cycle of good…Lets spread our hands across the world with little humane acts which go a long way…

Feed the good inside of you!

God Bless!

Stay You!
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