Monday, 31 August 2015


The most challenging thing for one to do in this life is to discover oneself. It takes a lot of courage to discover and accept oneself. If there is one strange thing I have seen in this world; is we always turn out to be exactly like the people we criticize, focus on or hate. Do you know why? The answer is simple. We master the mess of people so badly that we know nothing better than following in the same mess...

I once read this story of a lady called Jane who got out jogging in the morning. While she was jogging, Jane saw this lady jogging ahead of her. The ladies outfit was quite eccentric. Jane got so caught up in the ladies outfit that her mind got off her jogging. Before she could realize herself, she had jogged far pass her turn. Sadly, she realized her concern for the stranger's eccentric clothes had thrown her off course. The same applies to our daily lives. I realized sometimes how caught up in the life of others that I forget my goals, targets and sense of purpose.

How many times have; what people said, what people did not say, what people did, what people did not do, what people are going to do, what people believe, what people do not believe, swayed us from our goals and dreams. Was what, who and when you dropped you dreams and beliefs for worth it?

I love the runner Usain Bolt. I have watched him run a number of times and I think a great part of his success is focusing on the track. I watched him run once with a close opponent. They were almost at a tie just before reaching the finish line. Usain’s opponent made the mistake of losing sight of the track to see if his opponent was catching up and that was how Usain won.

Many at times; we are drawn in by depression, envy, hatred, low self esteem and other ills because we lose sight of our own race and get fixed on that of others. What is your race? Where are you going? What do you wish to achieve? Fix your focus on the track. Keep your mind on the prize…that’s how you win!

God bless you!

Stay you!
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