Wednesday, 8 April 2015


Citizens have a voice and they are partners to good governance but this is only possible when they are willing to be a part. Since a lot of youths in Nigeria do not have any interest in what goes on in government and have completely lost faith in their leaders. We cannot allow this to continue.

Citizens Engagement can only have the needed impact if the citizens in any given society understand the very vital role that they have to play in order to contribute the development and day to day running of a balanced society. In many societies where citizens have not been carried along by government, they have become apathetic and really do not care what happens around them as long as they can just manage to get by from one day to another. It is in order to deal with this apathy and bring citizens to the point where they can understand the power and necessity of Citizens Engagement that we started the initiative of interacting with the youths who are the future government to help them appreciate their role as citizens and future leaders.

In order to take any action of engagement with their representatives, citizens have to believe that they have something to contribute. The process of discussing with and educating the youths opens them up to coming together with others through advocacy to make their voices heard and also to prepare them to listen to others when they get into position of representation.

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