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The most challenging thing for one to do in this life is to discover oneself. It takes a lot of courage to discover and accept oneself. If there is one strange thing I have seen in this world; is we always turn out to be exactly like the people we criticize, focus on or hate. Do you know why? The answer is simple. We master the mess of people so badly that we know nothing better than following in the same mess...

I once read this story of a lady called Jane who got out jogging in the morning. While she was jogging, Jane saw this lady jogging ahead of her. The ladies outfit was quite eccentric. Jane got so caught up in the ladies outfit that her mind got off her jogging. Before she could realize herself, she had jogged far pass her turn. Sadly, she realized her concern for the stranger's eccentric clothes had thrown her off course. The same applies to our daily lives. I realized sometimes how caught up in the life of others that I forget my goals, targets and sense of purpose.

How many times have; what people said, what people did not say, what people did, what people did not do, what people are going to do, what people believe, what people do not believe, swayed us from our goals and dreams. Was what, who and when you dropped you dreams and beliefs for worth it?

I love the runner Usain Bolt. I have watched him run a number of times and I think a great part of his success is focusing on the track. I watched him run once with a close opponent. They were almost at a tie just before reaching the finish line. Usain’s opponent made the mistake of losing sight of the track to see if his opponent was catching up and that was how Usain won.

Many at times; we are drawn in by depression, envy, hatred, low self esteem and other ills because we lose sight of our own race and get fixed on that of others. What is your race? Where are you going? What do you wish to achieve? Fix your focus on the track. Keep your mind on the prize…that’s how you win!

God bless you!

Stay you!
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MentorAfrica: OF AFRICA AND OPPORTUNITIES - DE L'AFRIQUE ET LES ...: There is an African proverb that says if you take a chicken that sleeps on the roof in Africa to London, it will still sleep on the roof. Mo...


There is an African proverb that says if you take a chicken that sleeps on the roof in Africa to London, it will still sleep on the roof. Most times, it is not a change of environment we need, it is a change in how we see our environment. Where people see only rubbish, there are those who would look further and see how they can use the rubbish as an opportunity to create something beautiful to change their environment. While some of us are looking for every means possible to escape the "horror" we call Africa, some are busy trying to use whatever they find in the environment to fulfill their life's purpose and make the society a better place. This is the reason I feature the story of this young Malawian I found on Facebook. We have many young Africans in this category but most spend their time lamenting the woes in the continent. This is a wake-up call to as many that want to do something to impact humanity; the materials you need might just be in the chaos all around you. Have a beautiful day and look more closely and more purposefully at your environment. The same amount of time you spend wishing and pining away can be spent reading and coming across information that will change your life and your community.

Il ya un proverbe africain qui dit que si vous transferez un poulet qui dort sur le toit en Afrique à Londres, il dormirait toujours sur le toit. La plupart du temps, il ne nous faut pas un changement de l'environnement, il nous faut plutôt un changement de la façon dont nous voyons notre environnement. Où les gens ne voient que des ordures, il ya ceux qui regarderaient plus loin et voyeraient comment ils peuvent utiliser les déchets comme une opportunité de créer quelque chose de beau pour changer leur environnement. Alors que certains d'entre nous sont à la recherche de tous les moyens possibles pour échapper à "l'horreur" que nous appelons l'Afrique, certains s'occupent à  la recherche de comment déployer tout ce qu'ils trouvent dans l'environnement pour accomplir le dessein de leur vie et avancer la société. Ceci est la raison pour laquelle je présente l'histoire de ce jeune malawite que j'ai trouvé sur Facebook. Nous avons beaucoup de jeunes Africains dans cette catégorie, mais la plupart passent leur temps à se lamenter les malheurs du continent. Ceci est un prise de conscience au plus grand nombre qui veulent faire quelque chose pour avoir une influence sur l'humanité; les matériaux dont vous avez besoin pourrait bien être dans le chaos autour de vous. Passez une belle journée et regarder de plus près et de manière plus ciblée votre environnement. La même durée de temps que vous passez à souhaiter et à dépérir peut être consacré à la lecture et à trouver l'information qui va vous aidez à changer votre vie et votre communauté.

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MentorAfrica: WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? - COMMENT NOUS PROGRESSO...: I posted a picture I got from Facebook yesterday on my Google+ page and the reactions I got helped me measure, in some way, the feeling of f...


I posted a picture I got from Facebook yesterday on my Google+ page and the reactions I got helped me measure, in some way, the feeling of frustration of the African youth. Just like those I have personally interacted with, many are angry at their various governments; they feel let down. A lot want to do something about the situation but cannot see anyway they can do this. In this situation some think that nothing but aggression would solve the problem since most governments are oblivious of their pain. Matters of unemployment are treated with levity, basic necessities of life like light and water that can make life a little more bearable as they navigate these rough paths of life are almost non existent. Against this backdrop, all they want to do is vent their anger on leaders who have failed them. Most feel that dialogue is not the answer since leaders are not listening. Be that as it may, we have seen in recent times that uprisings have not really given the desired results. Where do we go from here? This is quite a difficult question to answer, the greatest tragedy of all has been the massive brain drain from Africa. Has this solved the problem? I don't think so. We need to sit down and look at other ways of tackling this problem if violence or escape cannot do it, there must be something else that can be done. Why don't we look at the option of coming together with those of like minds and talking about what measures can be put in place to solve these issues from our very backyards and start developing those strategies so that when the opportunity comes for us to make a difference we will be ready? Thankfully, I think I have seen signs of this happening. With the level of anger and frustration many of us are exhibiting, we cannot be in the frame of mind to think of any kind of solutions. It is time to make up our minds to allow our pain to bring out the best in us rather than allow it to turn us into monsters that would only make things worse.

J'ai posté une
photo que j'ai pris de Facebook hier sur ma page Google+ et les réactions que j'ai eu m'a aidé à mesurer, d'une certaine façon, le sentiment de frustration de la jeunesse africaine. Tout comme ceux que je rencontre personnellement, beaucoup sont en colère contre leurs gouvernements différents; ils se sentent abandonnés. Beaucoup veut faire quelque chose à propos de la situation, mais ne peut pas voir de quelle façon ils peuvent le faire. Dans cette situation, certains pensent que rien que l'agression résoudrait le problème puisque la plupart des gouvernements ne sont pas conscients de leur douleur. Questions de chômage sont traités avec légèreté, les nécessités de base de la vie comme l'énergie et l'eau qui peuvent rendre la vie un peu plus supportable alors qu'ils naviguent ces rudes sentiers de la vie sont presque inexistants. Dans ce contexte, tout ce qu'ils veulent faire c'est exprimer leur colère envers les dirigeants qui les ont déçu. La plupart pensent que le dialogue n'est pas la réponse puisque les dirigeants ne leur fait pas attention. Quoi qu'il en soit, nous avons vu au cours des dernières temps où des manifestations n'ont pas vraiment donné les résultats souhaités. Où allons-nous d'ici? Ceci est une question très difficile à répondre, la plus grande tragédie de tous c'est l'exode massive des professionnels de l'Afrique. Cela a-t-il résolu le problème? Je ne le pense pas. Nous devons nous asseoir et examiner d'autres façons d'aborder ce problème si la violence ou de l'évasion ne peut pas le faire, il doit y avoir quelque chose d'autre qui peut être fait. Pourquoi n'exploitons-nous pas  la possibilité de se réunir avec ceux de mêmes perspectives et discuter des mesures que nous pouvons mettre sur place pour résoudre ces problèmes à partir même de nos arrière-cours et commencer à développer ces stratégies de sorte que lorsque l'occasion se présente pour nous de faire une différence nous serions prêts? Heureusement, je crois avoir vu des signes que cela se produise. Avec le niveau d'amertume et de frustration dont nous nous exposons, nous ne pouvons pas être dans l'état d'esprit de penser aux solutions quoique soit. C'est le moment de decider de permettre à notre douleur de faire ressortir le meilleur en nous plutôt que de lui permettre de nous transformer en monstres qui ne ferait qu'empirer les choses.

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MentorAfrica: DEATH OF THE AFRICAN CULTURE: What do you know of where you come from? I do not mean the nation or country in which you live. What do you know of you roots? What do y...


What do you know of where you come from? I do not mean the nation or country in which you live. What do you know of you roots? What do you know of your ancestry, your language, culture and tradition? Someone once asked me a relevant but disturbing question; “In this modern era, of what use is knowing one’s dialect, culture and tradition?” For years I carried this question within me. I only got to know the answer to this question when I left my home country to venture abroad.

As every tree needs roots to survive, so do we humans need roots to have a firm stand. Our roots are made by the fibers of ancestry, culture, and language. Culture is identity, culture lays down the foundation on which families are built and even the nation, a good culture serves to protect and preserve important values. The African culture as a whole is quite an interesting one. The languages, meals, songs, clothes and laws tell stories and have our history preserved in them. Without this history, Africa as we know it will cease to exist.

I worry because increase urbanization, influence of the western education and even religion is gradually wiping out the African culture. I happen to be a product of these threats. Of what use is speaking in different foreign languages without knowing how to speak my mother tongue. How many Africans home and abroad pride themselves in speaking their own language, wearing their African fabrics, and portraying where they come from? It is even sad that Africans who have never left the shores of Africa suddenly have foreign accents and even cuss. It’s sad how our youths easily copy ill cultures from outside when we have such a beautiful culture. Our young men are sagging their trousers and cussing, while our women are frying their hair and bleaching their skins. Learning and trying to adopt other cultures is a beautiful and unifying thing. However losing one’s identity in the course of picking up a foreign culture is rather disturbing.
The African media should show Africa for what it is. Our schools should try to incorporate our culture into learning. Our parents should teach us the mother tongue first before teaching us any other language. From time to time, we should return home to share and identify with our roots. As Africans when we travel abroad, we should share our food, language, clothes and everything African with people of different cultures. Times are changing and fashion is changing. Let us incorporate our culture into the new trend of hairdos, music, fashion and even food…If we stand tall and proud of whom we are, the outside world would respect us. The reason they don’t respect us enough is we are more willing to embrace their culture than ours…Africans let us come together and keep our culture alive. I am proud of my African heritage…I hope you are too!
Love you all!
God bless!
Stay You!
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MentorAfrica: MANY HANDS MAKE BEAUTIFUL WORK: When I was a kid I read this West African grassland folklore; it was a story of four brothers who fought each other all the time. Their fat...


When I was a kid I read this West African grassland folklore; it was a story of four brothers who fought each other all the time. Their father who was distraught by their fighting called them to his hut one day. When they got to his hut, he gave them each a broom stick and told them to break it. Though confused, they easily broke the broom stick. He then gave them a whole bundle of broom sticks tied into a broom and asked them to break it. For minutes they tried to break the broom to no avail. He then told them the reason they could not break it was because with greater number of broom sticks, the broom had more strength. He then applied it to them saying divided they would fall apart, but united they cannot be easily defeated.

Recently, i came across this  mind blowing story which took me on a journey to my childhood.
These kids are an example of the change we need. As youths under the burden of unemployment, i believe if we took each others hands and ran as a group; we would spark a revolution beyond our imagination. We have the numbers, energy and zeal on our side. Instead of spiting over worn politicians, together we could create for ourselves and be our own voices. Sometimes we need to put aside self interest and realize we have more to benefit when we look at the big picture. 'I can do things you cannot, you can do things i cannot; together we can do great things, Mother Theresa' The easiest way to win in this world is to be part of a team. As youths in this era; networking, creation of discussion forums, formation of business alliances, harnessing creativity collaboratively; are the tools we have at our disposal for change. Your talent, idea can get lost on your own; but the masterpiece produced from a colorful blend of ideas and initiative will be a marvel to the world.The most successful communities function on a 'no one is left behind' policy. If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. A family or country does not need to be perfect, it just needs to be united. Like kwame Nkrumah, I believe I am an African not because I was born in Africa, but because Africa was born in me.

If you think you think you are too small to change the world, then you haven't spent the night with a mosquito
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MentorAfrica: THE TRUE SPIRIT OF A TYPICAL AFRICAN: A letter of gratitude to our African elder brothers and sisters who became our parents by choice and sponsored us willingly…The true spirit...


A letter of gratitude to our African elder brothers and sisters who became our parents by choice and sponsored us willingly…The true spirit of a typical African

No matter what everybody will think or say, there is a fact about Africa that cannot be challenged in the highest court of law. In Africa, we have a spirit of unity and belongingness. There is a love that each African has for his fellow African that cannot be described. When out of Africa, you find Africans coming together to help each other because of the common bond they share. In Africa, a child belongs to the mother only when he is in the womb, but once he is born, he is the responsibility of the society. This spirit of unity and love originates from the smallest unit of the society, the family.

Thanks to the media, we are able to understand how people from different continents behave and relate to each other. It is common in Africa to find someone housing a stranded individual because they are from the same village, region, Country or by virtue of the fact that they are fellow Africans.

To our African elder brothers and sisters, in and out of Africa words cannot express the gratitude we feel towards you for willingly sponsoring us through secondary school right up to the university. While we were young, we thought it was a right for you to do so. We impatiently made a long list of needs and requirements and presented them to you, some of us by phone and some of us through email. You never said No without an explanation. If you could not help us at the moment, you told us kindly, saying you had received our message and you will see what you can do about it.

We made demands from you without even asking if you had met all of your needs before trying to see us through life. Days turned into months and months turned into years. we finally grew up and came of age, ready for adulthood. Then the truth struck us. We realize what life is and understood what you were doing all these years.You sacrificed for us. Some of you had about 4 junior ones to look after and you simultaneously sent us to school. Not to mention, you even went to the extent of sponsoring us in expensive boarding schools.

Some of our African elder brothers and sisters landed good jobs out of Africa. Instead of living in luxurious homes and driving expensive cars, you gave up some of these things and much more to make sure we your younger ones back home could eat 3 square meals a day and wear descent clothes. We still remember the boxes of clothes, shoes and other electronics you sent back home, not forgetting the Christmas gifts you sent. Those of you who are out of the country sacrificed your time to be able to help us. It is now that we realize what you did for us. Some of you took up two jobs, some of you added odd jobs to your normal jobs and after paying all the numerous bills you have by the end of the month (mortgage, health insurance, electricity bills,water bills, car insurance, gas bills, credit card bills, Internet bills, cable bills, taxes....), you still took care of our basic needs willingly.

Some of you helped our parents in raising the family. The moneys you gave our parents helped cut down the number of large farms we worked to sustained ourselves. By so doing, we were able to concentrate more on our studies. The most important sacrifice some of our elder ones did for us was that they dedicated their lives to making sure that their younger ones attained a certain level in life through education. While some of your age mates and friends were buzzy getting married, you put your life on hold to bring us up to a level where we could look after ourselves. 

Your numerous act of kindness and selflessness will continue to inspire us for the rest of our lives. Sincerely, we couldn't have made it this far in life without you. No amount of money is worth the sacrifice you made for us. You will forever remain our heroes and role models. We have grown up to realize that life is not a bed of roses. You will always have a place in our heart. God bless you. 

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MentorAfrica: FACE OF CORRUPTION (UTOPIA) - LA FACE DE LA CORRUP...: Dealing with the level of corruption around us here in Nigeria is a humongous task and it is easier said than done. At least we should ackn...


Dealing with the level of corruption around us here in Nigeria is a humongous task and it is easier said than done. At least we should acknowledge whatever steps that would be taken in the direction of trying to deal with this monster and see how we can be a part of that process. However, we need to realise that in this matter we do not have a cure all process. Corruption exists in every human society, it is just that many governments have put in place systems that can manage the situation in such a way that the damage to society and human existence is minimal. Believing in a utopia where corruption is totally eliminated is unrealistic and one that will end up in disappointments. The best we can do is to support the decisions that can help curb this monster. Make up your mind to break the cycle when you have the opportunity to do so. Enough of the finger pointing, look at your circle of influence and try whatever you can to break the cycle. DON’T WAIT FOR IT TO STOP WITH A BANG, STOP IT WHENEVER IT COMES TO YOUR DOORSTEP.

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Agir au sujet de la corruption au niveau dont elle se trouve ici au Nigéria est une tâche gigantesque et il est plus facile à dire qu'à faire. Au moins, nous devrions reconnaître quelles que soient les mesures qui seront prises dans le sens d'essayer de faire face à ce monstre et de voir comment nous pouvons être une partie de ce processus. Cependant, nous devons réaliser que, dans cette affaire, nous ne disposons pas d'un remède totale. La corruption existe dans toute société humaine, la difference se trouve dans le fait que de nombreux gouvernements ont mis sur place des systèmes qui peuvent gérer la situation de manière à ce que les dommages à la société et l'existence humaine sont minimes. Croire en une utopie où la corruption est totalement éliminée est irréaliste et celui qui finira dans des déceptions. Le mieux que nous puissions faire est de soutenir les décisions qui peuvent aider à freiner ce monstre. Décidez de briser le cycle lorsque vous avez l'occasion de le faire. Assez de pointer du doigt, regardez dans votre cercle d'influence et essayez de faire ce que vous pouvez pour briser le cycle. N'ATTENDRE LE MOMENT QUAND CELA S'ARRÊTERA AVEC UN COUP VIOLENT. Arretez le quand il arrive à votre porte.

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MentorAfrica: A CRY IN AFRICA

MentorAfrica: A CRY IN AFRICA: A CRY IN AFRICA I hear a cry in Africa I see tears fall like rain From dull clouds of pain Under a bloody sky I hear a woman’s cry The sadn...


I hear a cry in Africa
I see tears fall like rain
From dull clouds of pain
Under a bloody sky

I hear a woman’s cry
The sadness in her eyes
Seems to be timeless
Though I see her shout
The words don’t let out
I yearn to know her plight
But it is beyond mere sight
Behind the saddened eyes
Is where it really lies
I reach and touch her heart;
A vision of men dying
Boys and girls slaying,
Foreigners fueling hate
And getting paid,
Stealing in chaos
Reaping from the wars
Tearing a once green land
Now I hear her unsaid words
Mother Africa is bleeding
There is an epidemic
Walking the land
Seizing the strong and weak
It is the plague of greed…

By Hilda S. Ndenecho -

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MentorAfrica: FACE OF CORRUPTION (THE BATON) - LA FACE DE CORRUP...: I was discussing with a friend of mine about three years ago and she told me something that bothered me for quite a long time and anytime I...


MentorAfrica: THE FACE OF CORRUPTION (THE CANCER) - LA FACE DE C...: I was working with some youths from various youth groups in a particular local government council and we were discussing issues of corrupti...


I was working with some youths from various youth groups in a particular local government council and we were discussing issues of corruption. Like many of the youths that I discuss with, they did not believe that there was anything meaningful that can be done to contain this “cancerous” growth because of the flawed process by which most people come into political power and other positions of authority even in the workplace; public or private.
According to some of them who have been in meetings with some people going for political offices, those seeking office would normally enter into unholy alliances with sponsors who can be financial or communal. The agreements in these alliances take precedence over the intentions, good or bad, of the candidate when he/she comes into power. The office holder begins to have all kinds of problems if they refuse to work according to the terms of the alliance. Job seekers can go to unfavourable lengths in order to get their desperately needed jobs and these become stumbling blocks to carrying out their duties with any integrity. I heard a bus driver in one state owned public transportation service boasting that if they query him they will hear from his people at the top. This kind of connection causes people to misbehave at their duty posts because they feel they are above the law.

Like a cancerous growth, if the roots have gone deep into other surrounding cells, a whole portion is evacuated or the patient dies. A lot of those in authority are surrounded by corrupt friends and cronies, it therefore makes the fight against corruption a tall order. One of the best options is to protect the uncontaminated cells from being affected; the younger generation has to be sensitized and redeemed before it is too late. Let us talk about it with them before they learn these evil ways from those who are so polluted that everything around them stinks.

Je travaillais avec des jeunes de divers groupes de jeunes dans un conseil local particulier du gouvernement et nous avons discuté des problèmes de corruption. Comme beaucoup de jeunes que je discute avec, ils ne croyaient pas qu'il y a quelque chose de significatif qui peut être fait pour contenir cette croissance "cancéreux" en raison du processus vicié par lequel la plupart des gens arrivent au pouvoir politique et d'autres postes d'autorité, même dans le lieu de travail; public ou privé.
Selon certains d'entre eux qui ont été assisté aux réunions avec des gens qui recherchent des positions politiques, ceux-ci, disent-ils, devrait normalement conclure des alliances pfofane avec des sponsors qui peuvent être financiers ou communals. Les accords dans ces alliances ont préséance sur les intentions, bonnes ou mauvaises, du candidat quand il / elle arrive au pouvoir. Le leader commence à avoir toutes sortes de problèmes s'il refuse de travailler selon les termes de l'alliance. Les demandeurs d'emploi peuvent aller aux longueurs défavorables afin d'obtenir leur emploi désespérément désirés et ceux-ci deviennent des pierres d'achoppement à l'exercice de leurs fonctions avec toute l'intégrité. J'ai entendu un chauffeur de bus dans un service de transport publique appartenant à l'État  vantant que si on lui interrogent ils entendront de son peuple à la direction. Ce type de connexion amène les gens à se conduire d'une manière inappropriée à leurs postes de travail parce qu'ils sentent qu'ils sont au-dessus de la loi.
Comme une tumeur cancéreuse, si les racines sont allés en profondeur dans d'autres cellules environnantes, une partie entière est évacuée ou le patient meurt. Un grand nombre de personnes en autorité sont entourés par des amis et des copains corrompus, cela fait donc la lutte contre la corruption un défi de taille. Une des meilleures options est de protéger les cellules non contaminés pour qu'ils ne soient affectés; la jeune génération doit être sensibilisé et rachetés avant qu'il ne soit trop tard. Discutons avec eux avant qu'ils apprennent ces mauvaises manières de ceux qui sont si pollué
que tout autour d'eux pue.

Friday, 7 August 2015


I was discussing with a friend of mine about three years ago and she told me something that bothered me for quite a long time and anytime I remember it I still feel chills running up my spine. She works in laboratory in one of the nation’s industries and they have the standard measurements required by best international practices. However, they are required by their bosses to use other standards that are do not meet the requirements. As shocking as this might sound, it is not what will make you cringe, she said they are told to teach industrial attachment students sent to them how to beat the system. In the beginning the students are confused but they soon learn the ugly ways of this culture. They are made to set aside what they have been taught in school so I am wondering what happens when they go back to their various institutions after the attachment.
When the Police are asking for “blessings” from the drivers, young children are also passengers and they are watching. Lecturers ask class presidents to help them collect money from would-be “clients” that they would help to alter grades.

The shameless way in which the older generation is handing over this “rotten” baton to the younger generation is something that should be a source of great worry to right thinking citizens. They say bad things continue to happen when good people sit back and do nothing. When we say good, we are not talking about perfect people we are just describing people who bother about what the consequences of their actions would do to others. CORRUPTION CAN BE MINIMIZED IF YOU THINK OF THE GOOD OF OTHERS ESPECIALLY THE YOUNGER GENERATION. What kind of baton are you handing to the next builders of our nation?

Je discutais avec une de mes amies il ya environ trois ans et elle m'a dit quelque chose qui m'a dérangé pour un temps assez long et chaque fois quand je m'en souviens  je sens encore des frissons courir de ma colonne vertébrale. Elle travaille dans le laboratoire dans une des compagnies nationale et ils ont les mesures standards requis par les meilleures pratiques internationales. Toutefois, leurs patrons leur demandent d'utiliser d'autres normes qui sont ne répondent pas aux exigences. Aussi choquant que cela puisse paraître, ce n'est pas ce qui va vous faire grincer des dents, elle qu'on leur dit d'enseigner aux élèves en stage de formation industrielle envoyés comment battre le système. Au début, les étudiants sont confus mais ils apprennent vite les moyens malsaines de cette culture. Ils sont entrianés pour mettre de côté ce qu'ils ont appris à l'école, donc je me demande ce qui arrive quand ils retournent à leurs différentes institutions après la stage.
Lorsque la police demandent des «bénédictions» des chauffeurs, les jeunes enfants sont également les passagers et qu'ils regardent. Les conférenciers demandent aux présidents de classe de leur aider à collecter de l'argent à partir de prétendus «clients» qu'ils aideraient à modifier leurs notes.
La façon éhontée dans laquelle l'ancienne génération remettent ce bâton «pourri» à la jeune génération est quelque chose qui devrait être une source de grande inquiétude pour les citoyens qui sont sains. On dit que de mauvaises choses continuent si de bons gens s'assisent et ne font rien. Quand nous disons bon, nous ne parlons pas des gens parfaits nous décrivons tout simplement les personnes qui se soucier de ce que les conséquences de leurs actes feraient pour d'autres. La corruption peut être réduit si vous pensez du bien d'autrui en particulier le jeune génération. Quel genre de bâton remettrez-vous aux prochaines bâtisseurs de notre nation?

Cameroon Dream Builders(CamerDream): GROWING INTO A WOMAN IN CAMEROON

Cameroon Dream Builders(CamerDream): GROWING INTO A WOMAN IN CAMEROON: My transition from childhood through adolescence to being a Cameroonian woman is one packed with several experiences; some I find fun...

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MentorAfrica: FACE OF CORRUPTION (THE WEB) - LA FACE DE LA CORRU...: When the environment is so saturated with corruption it becomes very difficult not to be caught in the web. Corruption comes many times in ...


When the environment is so saturated with corruption it becomes very difficult not to be caught in the web. Corruption comes many times in the form of extortion. In an office, especially in government establishment, workers are constantly trying to manipulate you to buy them lunch for them to “have the strength” to finish your job. They will tell you that you either give them lunch or allow them to go for their lunch break before they attend to you especially if they know that your matter is time bound. In fact, it sometimes graduates from extortion to soft blackmail. You might ask why one does not go to the immediate boss, the answer is; the boss comes out of the same stock. There are however a few that do their jobs without any hassles and when we come in contact with these, there is this feeling that something is abnormal. When the right thing to do becomes an abnormality, then something is seriously wrong with that society.
I was in public transportation the other day and we came to a police check point and the policeman was telling the driver to bless them. This is the new language they have developed to extort drivers. It is difficult not to believe that the reason why this continues to plague our society is that those who have moved up the ranks are either a part of the corruption/extortion or they have been part and they have no moral justification to deal with it, no matter how determined they are to do so.

At times, one feels helpless to fight this especially when you need to get something done quickly. To detangle this web of corruption, we need to start a campaign to sensitize the next generation so that at least a good percentage of those that come into positions of authority would have a different perspective.

Lorsque l'environnement est tellement saturé avec la corruption, il devient très difficile de ne pas être pris dans la toile. La corruption vient plusieurs fois sous la forme d'extorsion. Dans un bureau, en particulier dans l'établissement du gouvernement, les travailleurs essayent constamment  de vous manipuler pour les acheter le déjeuner pour avoir "la force" pour terminer votre travail. Ils vous diront soit vous leur donnez le déjeuner ou leur permettre d'aller à leur pause déjeuner avant de continue avec votre affaire, surtout si ils savent que vous avez un temps limité. En fait, cela transform parfois d'extorsion au chantage doux. Vous pourriez vous demander pourquoi on ne fait pas un rapport au patron immédiat, la réponse est; le patron sort de la même souche. Il ya cependant quelques-uns qui font leur travail sans aucun tracas et quand nous entrons en contact avec ceux-ci, il ya ce sentiment que quelque chose est anormal. Lorsque ce qui est bon devient une anomalie, alors quelque chose ne va pas avec cette société.
J'étais dans le transport public l'autre jour et nous sommes arrivés à un point de contrôle de police et le policier disais au chauffeur de les bénir. Ceci est la nouvelle langue qu'ils ont développé pour extorquer les chauffeurs. Il est difficile de ne pas croire que la raison pour laquelle cela continue à harceler notre société est que ceux qui ont gravi les échelons sont soit une partie de la corruption / extorsion ou ils ont en fait partie et ils n'ont pas de justification morale d'agir
, peu importe la façon dont ils sont déterminés à le faire.
À certains moments, on est se sent impuissant à lutter contre ces maux en particulier lorsque vous avez besoin de faire quelque chose rapidement. Pour démêler cet écheveau de la corruption, nous devons commencer une campagne pour sensibiliser la prochaine génération de sorte qu'au moins un bon pourcentage de ceux qui se retrouveront dans des positions d'autorité aurait un point de vue différent.

Monday, 3 August 2015


MentorAfrica: FACE OF CORRUPTION - LA FACE DE LA CORRUPTION: In my interaction with youths, I give them questionnaires before our meetings to sensitize them and gauge their perspectives before the mee...


In my interaction with youths, I give them questionnaires before our meetings to sensitize them and gauge their perspectives before the meetings to enable us have effective discussions. One of the questions is “Corruption has a face, where do we find it? A) it is faceless B) it is masked C) it is in me D) it is in others”.
It is amusing to see that a very hitch percentage tick the C option. However, in real life experience people always point to others when they talk about corruption. I now understand that until you bring people to think in their own quiet moments they do not come to terms with the fact that they might be a part of the problem. Everybody automatically thinks of politicians when they hear the word “CORRUPTION” meanwhile in our society, it is found in every thread of the fabric. This a society where people think that doing their job is doing you a favour so you have to “motivate them” or “facilitate” the process before they can do the job for which they are paid. It amazing how a clerical officer in the ministry expects to get something before bringing out a file that his/her boss has requested for. It has become so bad that even health workers who are dealing with matters of life and death expect to be “motivated” before they attend to a patient. Every office one enters, workers expect to be “motivated” before the carry out their legitimate duties. If you think it is only in the public sector, think again. The private sector is giving the public sector a run for its money.

Bringing politicians and other officers to book is excellent but until we get to the roots and do something about the psyche of the younger generations who think CORRUPTION IS A WAY OF LIFE, we are not going in anywhere anytime soon.

Dans mon interaction avec les jeunes, je leur donne questionnaires avant nos réunions afin de les sensibiliser et de mesurer leurs points de vue avant les réunions afin de nous permettre  des discussions efficaces. Une des questions est «La corruption a un visage, où la trouvons-nous? A) il est sans visage B), il est masqué C), il est en moi D) il est dans d'autres ".
Il est amusant de voir qu'un pourcentage très attelage cocher l'option C. Cependant, dans la vie réelle expérience de personnes pointent toujours vers les autres quand ils parlent de la corruption. Je comprends maintenant que jusqu'à ce que vous amener les gens à penser dans leurs propres moments de calme, ils ne viennent pas à accepter le fait qu'ils pourraient être une partie du problème. Tout le monde pense automatiquement des politiciens quand ils entendent le mot «corruption» Pendant ce temps, dans notre société, il se trouve dans chaque fil de la toile. Cette une société où les gens pensent que quand ils font leur travail ils vous font une faveur donc vous deverez les «motiver» ou «faciliter» le processus avant qu'ils peuvent faire le travail pour lequel ils sont payés. Il est incroyable de voir comment un employé de bureau dans le ministère attend d'obtenir quelque chose avant de faire sortir un fichier que sa / son patron a demandé. Il est devenu si mauvais que même les travailleurs de la santé qui sont aux prises avec des questions de vie et de la mort attendent d'être "motivée" avant d'assister à un patient. Chaque bureau qu'on entre, les travailleurs attendent à être "motivée" avant l'exercent leurs fonctions légitimes. Si vous pensez qu'il est seulement dans le secteur public, détrompez-vous. Le secteur privé rivalise maintenant le secteur public.

Punir les politiciens et d'autres officiers  est excellente, mais jusqu'à ce que nous arrivons à les racines et faire quelque chose à propos de la psyché des jeunes générations qui pensent que la corruption est un mode de vie, on ne va pas nulle part où dans sitôt.