Friday, 29 May 2015



This is my letter of appeal to the Nigerian youth: NIGERIA NEEDS YOU!
It takes a spark to light up a forest, be the spark in your circle of influence.
The import of the popular saying that where the mind goes, the man follows can never be overstated. We cannot put into action things our minds have not accepted; if we do not get a proper picture of what we want, it would be impossible or extremely difficult to accomplish it.
Spending time with the youths here in Nigeria, whether in schools or in other youth groups, I have discovered that when it comes to the development of Africa, a high percentage do not believe that there is anything in store. It is either they are seeking to go overseas; get out to more developed societies or they want to get wealth, by crook or by hook, to enjoy the good things of life.
Martin White-Ufuah says “ a closer look at the way Nigerians think of themselves shows a people that were completely indoctrinated into believing that they were primitive, savage and lazy because of the western world’s misconception that they are late comers to history and civilization.”
In addition to this negative and damaging self-image, they have also completely lost faith in the government to provide the enabling environment to function or help them live the kind of life they desire. Many are not interested in creativity, entrepreneurship or good governance; they just want to fulfil the basic needs of life and die when their time comes. The compelling purpose of this book is to help youths change the way they think about themselves and what they can contribute to the development of this nation.
· How do we make the youths achieve mental independence?
· How do we make them believe in their God-given potentials?
· How do we sell to them the idea of national restoration and pride?

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